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Thursday, January 15 2015

Great News! 

Over the past 12 months we have been faced with large cost increases including insurance, company overheads, and the cost of vehicle parts. We had therefore planned to increase our bus fares with effect from Sunday 1st February 2015. 

The GREAT NEWS is that due to the recent drop in fuel costs we are able to delay any increases to our fares. 

We can confirm there will be no fare increases across our Bus Network on February 1st 2015 as planned, and hopefully for the forseeable future. 

We hope our customers will enjoy the benefit of maintained lower fares and continue to support our services as we endeavour to ensure we continue to operate ecvery current service. Who knows... You may even decide to make an extra journey?! 

With the support of Norfolk County Council under constant threat we rely heavily on our customers support of our key services to support our bus network; especially our Sunday and Evening Services. 
We're incredibly proud of our effort to serve North Norfolk with an emphasis on local employment and social mobility.
Without your continued support the above would not be possible.


A great big THANK YOU from the entire team at Sanders Coaches.
(Drivers, Engineers, Administration Team, Management and Directors alike).