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Wednesday, August 30 2017

Please note there are timetable revisions from Sunday 3rd September 2017.

Service 5 - removal of 1st journey from Holt at 6.51 - you can join this vehicle at Cromer by travelling on the 44 service from Holt. More journeys become through buses to  Fakenham without a change. Holt to Nth Walsham journyes have been advanced by a few minutes so please don't get caught out.

Service 9 - Fakenham to Holt journeys advanced and route in Fakenham revised to serve Lancaster Avenue and Norwich Road in bith directions - Sunday service revised also.

Service 10 / X11 - New shoppers jouney to Norwich froom Martham & Potter heigham -  am/PM  link 10 journey TO WROXHAM cancelled - X11 will start from Ludham and Catfield and return back in the evenings.

Services 16,17,18,19,20.  - morning journeys from Cromer at 10.07 have been revised to give different destination choices monday to Friday

Service 27 - One change only the late afternoon 16.45 journey from Fakenham has been cancelled.

Service 33 - We thank our loyal customers for the last 20 years as this service has now passed to a new operator following retender.

Service 34 - revised slightly to maintain connections at Stalham

Service 42 - whole service cancelled as uneconimical - Reepham and Cawston to be served better by the 43 service.

Service 43 - Greatly enhanced timetable to cover the lost 42 service journeys - service rerourted in Aylsham to serve Willow Park - Ray Bond Way and Bure Park.

Service 44 / X40/X44/44A - Minor changes to try to improve reliability ( NDR permitting !! )

Service 45/46 - Reduced level of service following retender - please also see the revision to service 46 which is a connecting service.

Service 51 ( Easton College ) - Service no longer operated by Sanders - new operator is Ambassador Travel Gt Yarmouth

Service 210 - 09.30 advanced to 09.15 from Nth Walsham and 10.40 advanced to 10.30 from Norwich.

Sunday Services - No change to 5 and 5A - Service 44A/X44 returns from Norwich delayed a few minutes for better reliability - Services 44 and 5 betwen Holt and Sheringham now alternate to provide a service to both Upper Sheringham and Cooper Road Sunway Park - Service 9 Holt to Fakenham revised timings and route.