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Monday, September 15 2014

Is it too early to mention Christmas?
If you fancy joining us to see this years Thursford Christmas Spectacular then this is **BIG** news!

We have the following dates available, and we'd love you to join us!!
(All prices are for travel, and admission)

Matinee Performances
Wednesday 3rd December - £36.00 or £39.00 (Variety of Seats)
Sunday 14th December - £38.00 or £41.00 (Variety of Seats)

Evening Performances
Saturday 29th November - £42.00 or £44.00 (Variety of Seats)
Friday 5th December - £36.00
Tuesday 9th December - £42.00
Friday 12th December - £42.00
Thursday 18th December - £42.00
Friday 19th December - £39.00
Tuesday 23rd December - £42.00

For all performances we offer pick up points across North Norfolk, services of a tour driver, and who knows... Father Christmas himself may even come and drive! 
Early booking is advised... Thursford tickets are incredibly popular, and we'd hate you to miss out! (Especially the 23rd December!!)

If you're interested in any of these dates, and wish to join us, please don't hesitate in contacting us on:
01263 712800

Now... This is the last time we'll mention Santa or Christmas until December the 1st... Promise!