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Thursday, April 14 2016

Are you interested in a career change? 
Maybe you'd like to take a new road in life?  

Our last batch of recruits have now successfully qualified as  bus drivers freeing up an opportunity for 4 more candidates to join the company and train to be Bus drivers. We have 2 vacancies at Holt and 2 at Nth Walsham. If you would like to be considered or know someone else who may be interested let them know. We offer a no commitment interview where you can come along and see us to discuss the positions. If your interested please e mail  our operations manager - Mr Andrew Quinsee at andrew@sanderscoaches.com

We offer employment during your training period as a cleaner when your not actively training - Bus driving is a rewarding and secure career - Come and find out more about it.

Drivers who are fully qualified, and hold the correct licence already are also required.